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Root Chakra Affirmations to Become Grounded

Strengthening your connection to the root chakra is one way to become more present and grounded in your life. It’s about connecting with nature, with your body and plant life.  Have you ever felt disconnected from what is happening around you? Root Affirmation Video Becoming Grounded When you feel ungrounded it feels as if you […]

Make your Dreams a Reality with Yoga

There are many definitions of yoga that I have been introduced to over the years. Some say it is a state of connection within the mind, a form of meditation. Others say it is the connection between the mind and body, where the two become one. Another definition of yoga from an old mentor of […]

Root Chakra Meditation

Meaning the “Foundation of Support” in Sanskrit, the Root chakra is our connection to the physical plane, survival, and connection to all things that give us life. It’s where we store the feelings of basic necessity, the right to live. It is the lowest center in human incarnations, located at the base of the spine […]

3 Ways to use Affirmations Every Day

Stop for a moment and take notice about what you were just thinking. Whatever thoughts you think now pave the way for your future! As humans, we tend to act out unconsciously what our mind thinks about. Are your thoughts critical or tend towards the negative side of things? No worries, there is a way […]


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